Implementing Technology

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Implementing Technology

Implementing Technology

Theories (Technology)




There is no technology that suits the needs of every student for every task in every learning environment. We need to select the correct tools to maximise the learning opportunities for every student.

Theories on teaching are constantly changing and it's important that teachers stay up to date with the theories and new ideas to see what will work in their classroom. Technology has become a major world-renowned resource for many daily activities. It has also become a major time consumptioning device as young people generally enjoy being on it. TPACK (technological, Pedagogy, Conent and Knowledge) is a new way teach in classrooms. It implements technology and creates a more inventive and imaginative way to learn. Having technology as a tool in the classroom would be greatly beneficial for your students learning as they are familiar and actually enjoy using the resource.

One of the many amazing benefits when using technology is that, children with special needs can find it easier to do their work when technology has been implimented into the classroom. However this can only happened if technology is being properly used as a tool. In this video it talks about how and why technology should be implemented.

Revolutionize Education

Classrooms need to suit everyones learning style.

ICT (Information, Communitication, Technology) has become the foundation of quailty learning in the 21st centuary. The base line of any school subject and lesson, is getting them to understand. Technology is about learning in different ways that develop creativity that engages the student to want to do more. TPACK; choosing the right technology with your pedagogy to get the aim of learning.

Students who need extra support

Enhancing Student Learning Outcomes


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