Implementing Character through Language Arts

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Language Arts

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Implementing Character through Language Arts

Teacher and Students will consistently identify and discuss ethical challenges students experience in schools and communities such as but not limited to: bullying and racial prejudices.*Current events that target age appropriate ethical topics using:Huffington postsChannel one newsCNN student news*Oregon Shooting Umpqua Community College

Moral Character Traits Respect, Responsibility, Perserverance, Integrity, Compassion,Citizenship and Courage

Understanding Moral Character

Implementing Moral Character through Language Arts

Raising Ethical Awareness

Expected Outcome

Role Play and Scenarios are provided consistently to demonstrate and teach proper behavior to peers as it relates to perspectives and reasoning.

Moral Reasoning & Perspectives

Writing promptsPictorial writing promptsMoral movie or excerptsReading moral books Leading to:Round table discussion Digital Discussion boards Ethical scenarios/Skits/Role play

What does respect look like ?Proper greetingsProper acknowledgement of others, addressing them by their individual nameRespond to others with dignityAll have the right to academic opinions but will be shared respectfully and received in the same manner.

Culture of Respect and Scholarship

Moral Videos and Prompts

Self Reflective Activities


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