[2015] Tanner Thornton: Imperialistic Territories

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[2015] Tanner Thornton: Imperialistic Territories

Imperialistic Territories



Hawaiian Islands

Puerto Rico

The Philippines was considered a stategic area. If the US had land in that area, its reach would have extend quite far into the Pacific Ocean. It kept other areas in check and they had already acquired a lot of land in the surrounding area. The surge in desire for land was caused by Spanish imperialism and the fear that the US would fall behind.

Cuba was one of the islands taken from Spain. The destruction of the Maine caused bad relationships. In addition, the US had plenty of buisiness interests in Cuba, and the rocky foundation finally gave way to war.

Hawaii was taken over because it provided more land and it wanted to be annexed. Hawaii had a monarchy for a long time, and several coups failed. Eventually, a successful rebellion was started, and the Queen surrendered. Finally, Hawaii was annexed.

Very few lives were lost in Puerto Rico. The war ended shortly after forces arrived. After the treaty was signed, Puerto Rico was given to the US.

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