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The Good

The Bad




-If they became allied with Russia they would be allied with one of the most powerful countries of the world at the time-If they joined forces with Geat Brittian they would again be allied with one of the most powerful countries in the world at the time.

- If you form a truce with one of these countries you run the risk of them atttacking you, forcing their ways on you, running your country etc.-Also if you form a truce with one of these countries you're not a free country any more (not that Afganistan would become a free country even if the people wanted to) but you won't be running things your way.

And The Ugly


El Mapo (pg.771)

El Mapo #2

The hero of this would be Brittian. The reason for this is that all though they were just as tough and forceful as Russia they knew when to call it quits and accept defeat. Whereas Russia continued to poke and nudge at Afganistan and even invaded them when they weren't suppose to. And then there is Batman.


The villian of this would be Russia (as usual). Afganistan was right between Russia and Great Britian. Both Countries tried to invade and take over Afganistan but could not. Eventually both countries agreed to stop at around 1921 (Great Brittian before Russia). Well Russia broke that agreement when they invaided Afganistan in 1979.

Afganistan Today

Afganistan today is an Islamic Republic, bordered by Pakistan, Iran,Turkmanistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. We are currently at war with them, they speak Phasto and their money currency is called an Afgani.


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    1. List the pros and cons of imperialism as pertain to your topic: 15/20. Answer this question: Did the Afghans get anything good out of their occupation by the Brits? Schools? Hospitals? Christian faith? Dams? Roads?
    2. Use of 1 map of the region(s) in the time period you studied AND another map of that region today: 5/20 The only map that focused on the country was in the video
    3. Description of the hero(es) and villains involved in your study:16/20 but there were several typos!
    4. Description of the current state of the region you studied. Good; 20/20
    5. Definition and use of the terms & names from the text that pertain to your study (the words highlighted in blue in the text) 20/20

    Grade: 76/100

    Corrections required: 1. Typos mentioned above
    2. Please give the dates of British involvement.
    3. Try another video. Only the last 2 minutes was interesting to me. Maybe a clip from the Hollywood movie Kite Runner. (But it's a very gruesome movie!)