Imperialism in the USA: The Panama Canal

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Imperialism in the USA: The Panama Canal

Effects of Panama Canal

The Panama Canal greatly effected the USA, Panama, and the entire world. Panama became an independent country, which may have not happened had the USA not built the canal. Trade was easier and the canal was a huge commercial success. The canal reduced shipping costs because the trip from the Pacific to Atlantic was much shorter. The canal helped extend the power of the US Navy.The USA now had a strong presence in Latin America. However, many Latin Americans were mad about how the USA claimed the land, and this hurt relations between the USA and Latin America for years to come. The canal greatly benefited the image of the USA, and helped the states become the world power they are today.

Imperialism inthe USA:The Panama Canal

Map of Panama

Reasons for imperialism

The main reason the canal was built to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. They wanted to eliminate the long and dangerous journey in which you had to travel all the way around South America. This canal would also help the USA grow as a world power, with more economic and military power.

Theodore Roosevelt

Yellow Journalism

Yellow journalism was used in the USA while the canal was being built. The newspapers told how the workers lived in paradise in Panama. They told how they had execellent working and living conditions. This was done in order to create a favorable opinion of the canal's construction to the citizens of the USA. They were also trying to persuade people to come work on the construction of the canal. However, in reality the conditions were awful. The few housing areas near the canal were crowded, and did a bad job keeping out mosquitos and moisture. This led to many people getting diseases including yellow fever. The people that didn't live in the housing areas lived in tents and huts. If people knew about how the conditions really were, the canal may have never been finished.

Roosevelt was the president of the USA while the canal was built. He led the USA in building the canal, which they had their eye on doing before. He helped Panama gain indepedence, which gave the US land to build the canal. He visited Panama in 1906, which was the first time a president left the country while in office, to see how the construction of the canal was going. He noticed many problems while he was there, including worker accidents and disease. He demanded better conditions for everyone working on the project. He also took a famous picture of him working a machine. This showed he was a man of action and it proved to workers he cared and boosted thier morale. The workers were inspired to get the job done. Although he never saw the canal completed, building it was one of his and one the country's greatest acheivments.

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. Before becoming the president he led the Rough Riders, who played a large part in US imperialism. He ordered the construction of the Panama Canal.

Yellow Journalism is a type of journalism that uses great exaggeration. There is usually very little ligitimite evidence and/or research. Attention grabing headlines are used to catch people's attention.


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