Imperialism in Alaska

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Imperialism in Alaska

Imperialismin Alaska

Alaska PurchaseRussia had gone into the crimean war with France, Great Britain and the Ottoman Empire in which the russians werent doing so very well and they did not want the land of Alaska to be siezed or taken over by them so they decided to sell it. They turned to the U.S but their civil war made them to refuse to buy it.The treaty with russia was negotiated and signed by secretary of state william seward russian minister to the U.S Edouard de Steockl.This treaty was the purchase of alaska for $7.2million.

Under ControlRussia controlled Alaska after it was settled in by them in 1730. It was controlled for over 100 years until conflict rose with great britian and the event of the crimean war. This problem made russia sell the land for they did not what it be seized or taken over.

ResourcesSome reasons why alaska was bought by the U.S. is that it had good resources like oil,gas,food specifically fish and the most desired was gold. Gold was found in Alaska leading to some gold rushes.

ModernizationTheir were groups of people living in Alaska known as the inuit or the eskimos. Since diseases were uncureable the inuit people eventually started to die out in which is a reason why some werent able to keep up with the russians to modernize.

1730s/1867In the 1730s there were russian settlers who were on a expedition to find land and one of them was Dimitry Paulutsky with others that stunbled upon a land that is now Alaska in which this was the russian settlement their but later in 1867 the U.S bought Alaska off the Russians.

U.S./Russian ArmoryRussians had carbine rifles, bayonets, pistols, muskets, percussion rifle,knifes,swords in their armory As well for the U.S. but both also had cannons which made these countries dangerous in wars.

Inuit Armory.The inuit or eskimos usually had hunting tools like knifes,axe,spear,bow&arrows,clubs, and harpoons were used for that specific occasion(hunting) but these tools or weapons were also used for wars and are deadly.


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