Imperialism and China

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European history

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Imperialism and China

Britain fought the war with better weapons they had 48 warships each with 50 cannons they also had much more modern guns and well trained officers

China fought the war using limited fire arms outdated cannons and used wooden junk ships as warships and had inexperinced and cowardly officers

As explained in the political cartoon Britain forced opium into China. When China cracked down o opium use britain retalliated and this led tpo the Opium War

17060-1997 (arguablaly)

Britain DID NOT take over China NOR did it assimilate its inhabitants it only bullied China into giving them Hong Kong and trade access Britain wanted China's china(ba-dum tiss) and various goods and ports in order to have easy access to trade

After winning the Opium War Britain forced China into signing the Treaty of Nankingthis gave Britain access to several ports and the island of Hong Kong

Britain held a sphere of influence in China

Imperialism and China


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