Impacts on Addiction

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Impacts on Addiction

Often times, loved family members who are addicted, try to innocently recieve help from others to aid their addiction and it becomes very hard for family members to deny this aid and help to the people they love the most. Money and other expenses could be used towards aiding their addiction instead of keeping them healthy.These serious affects sometimes get to the point where family members must recieve mental and emotional help and attend meetings with other people who are experienceing the same affects to try and get over these feelings and learn how to help their addicted family member instead of making their addiction worse.


Impacts of Addiction

Help not Hinder

Some may think that addiction only affects the person addicted, but it also affects the families and friends in unimaginable ways. On top of harming the addicted person, addiction harms everyone around it.


More often than not, family members experience extreme depression and may develop mental illnesses because of the worrying and anxiety they feel in this situation. The stress and anxiety their addicted love one puts upon them affects their life in great ways. Younger siblings also have to go through these traumatizing affects at such a young age.

Think Harder

Most people who become addicted believe that they are only hurting themseleves, but this is never the case. Almost always, others are hurt either emotional or physically because of their addiction. Family members and friends spend almost all of their time devoting themselves to helping their addicted loved one.



By: Marissa Olivero


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