[2015] janamenalo (Grade 8 2015): Impacts of Automation On Society, Economics, And The Environment

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[2015] janamenalo (Grade 8 2015): Impacts of Automation On Society, Economics, And The Environment

Impacts of Automation on Society, Economics, and the Environment

Checkouts at Libraries/Stores




-smaller than regular checkouts because there is no convayerbelt

-reduces time at checkouts-self checkouts take up less space-workers would have to find better jobs, which would lead to more money and higher expectations-less arguments between the consumers and employees

-better for owner because there are fewer employees to pay-good finacial investment for store-more efficent -reduces amount of staff because only one attendant is needed to supervise 6 machines-companies become more flexible



-factories that create self checkout machines also create lots of pollution because there are many parts used to build the machine-increase of plastic bags because they are free and people dont know how to handle them-increase in global warming

-increase of shoplifting creates a decrease of products in stores, which leaves the store bankrupt-malfunctions-costs to repair machines-many cashiers lose jobs-may lead to the depression of employees which can start a riot coming from their families-loss of control over machinary

-automated checkouts replace regular cashiers.-less face to face communication-less interactions with real human beings-easier to steal from machines-consumer may not be able to ask any important questions-may not be able to be assistedVideo Clip:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rS3UNCLQlTg

After:Now with automated checkouts there are different steps you have to follow. First, you have to scan the barcodes on all the items you want to purchase. After scanning each item, you choose which method you want to use to pay, such as cash, debit, etc. Once you have finished paying for all the items, you can go. All of this is done without the help of a cashier, its only you and the machine.

Before:Before automated checkouts there was a employed person called a cashier who would scan the items the consumer wanted to purchase. The cashier would communicate with the consumer to let them know the price of the item. While the consumer paid the cashier would, usually put the items in a bag.

Overall I think that automated self checkouts have a negative affect on society because many people lose their jobs and consumers can get fusrated easily. Consumers will slways need a real human being to chat with and ask questions. In conclusion I think self checkouts should be balanced with cashiers.


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