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impact on history

The 13 Colonies Impact On History By: Allison Byers

Colony Name: Year Founded:*Virginia 1607*Massachusetts 1620*New Hampshire 1623*Maryland 1634*Connecticut 1635*Rhode Island 1636*Delaware 1638*Noth Carolina 1653*South Carolina 1663*New Jersey 1664*New York 1664*Pennsylvania 1682*Georgia 1732

Impact On History:* Tobacco was first founded in the 13 colonies. It was then spread all across the world. * Settlements resulted in special holidays. For example Plymouth resulted in Thanksgiving. * The 13 colonies lead to the Revlutionary War and indpendence.

* The 13 colonies resulted in more and more settlements in the New World. Jamestown was the first English succesful settlement.* The settlment of Jamestown had started slavery. Slavery was then started.

Fun Facts:* New Jersey had the first offical baseball game. * Virginia was home to 4 of the 5 first presidents* Rhode Island is the smallest state in the U.S.A.

The 13 Colonies

The Colonial Regions Alive TextbookHarcourt Socail studies textbookwww.histo


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