Impact of the Revolution on Women

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Impact of the Revolution on Women

Women in the Revolutionary warThe majority of women had small but vital roles in the war. Although social norms prevented them from actually fighting, they did have a direct impact on the war effort, before, during, and after the war. From boycotting to making clothes for soldiers everyone pitched in to help the cause. Even when the men were fighting, some of their wives would take over their work positionsand others would dress up like men and actually fight in the war. Though it was rare for a woman to fight, they were rewarded with pensions and full military burials.

For the first time since early settlement in the Americas, women actually had jobs outside the home during the American Revolution.At the time women didn't even want political rights, instead they wanted to aknowledged for their importance in the domestic sphere.The Revolutionary war was one of the first times women examined their roles in society and started what is referred to as feminism.


The Role Women Played in the American Revolution

Before the Revolution, a woman's life is tended to center around farm and family.They ran home bakeries and dairies, did the milking, made butter, and kept the hen yard. • Educated only read and write• Could not own a property• Cannot vote• Excluded from public politcal discussions

Immediate Gains:• Women's role became more valued• Some men started supporting women's rights

Long Term Gains:• The Right to Vote• Equality with men

What did the women gain as a result of the war?

"I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors." -Abigail Adams

1773 - Phillis Wheatley, America's first black poet1774 - 51 Women signed a proclamation1776 - "Remember the ladies"1777 - Betsy Ross sewed the first flag of the United States1780 - Women condemed patriots 1781 - Women sewed shirts for the soldiers1782 - Women dressed as men and joins the army

Impact of the Revolution on Women


Lasting Impact


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