Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms

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The term "Genetically Modified Organisms" (GMO) refer to plants and animals whose genes have been altered by scientists.

Impact of Genetically Modified Organisms

“In the USA, adoption of GM crops resulted in pesticide use reduction of 46.4 million pounds in 2003”

In Medical Research Through GM technology, microbes, plants, and animals have transformed the production of complex pharmaceuticals in the development of new drugs and treatments for diseases.

Top GM products 1. Soy2. Corn3. Canola Oil4. Cotton5. Milk

Environmental ImpactsResearch has shown many significant environmental benefits of GM crops such as a reduction in the use of pesticides, greenhouse gas emission, and soil erosion.

DevelopmentAdvancements in technology has continuously changed the ways of living through the alteration and improvement in the productivity and quality of products.

This development in biotechnology has allowed for the use of genetically modified organisms in the production of pharmaceutical drugs, agriculture, and medical research.


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