Impact of films in the 1920s

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Impact of films in the 1920s

Movies of the 20s

Movies gained popularity in the 20s because of their actors. Everyone wanted to be an actor, it was a great time for them

Movies were pretty cheap back then, they costed as much as gas did

Even though 20th century fox was doing well, 20th century was still lagging behind

At the time there quite a handful of movie companies, but only 5 of them became successful almost immediately. The rest would gain attention later on.

Movies made it a lot easier for everyone to get away from their first world problems. It was also a time killer.

The suspense and plot twist made it one of the best movies of the 20s

Movie companies weren't really impacted by the crash in 1929

All families, both poor and rich, were able to see and love the same movies.

Metropolis was a sucessful hit with evryone, it brought science fiction to a whole new level.

Nosferatu was one of the scariest movies of the 20s

The top dogs in filmsWarner Bros.Paramount PicturesRadio-Keith-OrpheumMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer& 20th Century Fox

Without movies the people of America wouldn't be able to connect with each other, they wouldn't be able to escape from the real world.

Movies brought a lot of money into the economy, making it eyecandy for potential invetors.

People were brought closer together because of movies

F.W. Murnau was responsible for the successful move Nosferatu and several other great movies before his death in 1931


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