Impact of Ancient India

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Impact of Ancient India

Indian religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism that have greatly changed people's lives. Also, in India, many people are living by those religions, too.

Impact #2

India has also impacted the world with it's religion. Many religions like Hinduism and Buddhism started in India and have spread all over the world.

Indian architecture is very interesting and beautiful as you can see above. These architectures have spread out all over Asia, and are very inspiring.

There are many different ways Indian architecture affected the world. In fact, you can see Indian architecture all over the world in places like China and other near countries.

Impact #3

Most countries on Earth use the decimal system, and it is also much more accurate than whole numbers at describing things like fractions and remainders. They are also, like I said, good for math.

The Impact of Ancient India

Importance of IndianReligion

Importance of Indian Architecture


Decimals and percents

India is known for making the decimal, which is crucial for today's math and is useful for the United State's money system.

Impact #1

Importance of the Decimal



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