Immune System

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Human Anatomy

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Immune System

Immune SystemBy:Darlene &Talia

First Line of Defense



Second Line of Defense

The First line of Defense, skin and Mucus membranes are from strong barriers which prevents pathogens from enetering the body. Your skin is the First line of Defense of any pathogens.- Oil makes the skin surface acidic which stops the groet of pathogens.-Sweat has enzymes that digest bacterial walls-Mucous membranes are layers of tissues that produces a stick, visious fluid called mucusThey cover many things inside the body surface such as line the digestive,respiratory,reproductive tracts.

The Second line of Defense responds when a pathogen breaks through the bodys physical barriers. Some defenses are:-fever-Inflammation-Activation of special proteins that kill pathogens.During inflammation chemicals/cells that attack and destroy pathogens gather around the infectionWhen having a fever the bodys temperature increases, the body begins to fight against invading pathogens

Third Line of Defense

The Third line of defense is SPECIFICUses SPECIFIC antibodies that are made to FIGHT specific PATHOGENSCELLS: T-Cells,B Cells, AntibodiesKiller T Cell seeks out specific pathogensHelper T Cell activates b cellsB Cells creates antibodies that fight specific pathogen/antigenMemory B Cells remembers the PATHOGEN so if it tries to attack again, they will remeber them.In the future When pathogens try to attack, the Memory B Cells will come in and recognize the pathogen.The Immune System is important because it prevents any pathogens going through your body. This connects to homeostasis because if the immune system has the 1st,2nd and 3rd line of defense working than pathogens should not be entering your body.


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