Immune System

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Immune System

Immune System

What is the Immune System?

How does the Immune System fight disease?

What makes a person immune to various diseases?

What are the parts of the Immune System?

So how can I nurture my immune system?

When and why does the immune system malfunction?

The immune system is very important in keeping track of your health, but you have to keep it in order. So you ask how do you do that? The answer to that is by building muscles or reducing blood cholesterol.

Once you have produced antibodies to a certain microbe—a specific flu virus, for example—that particular virus cannot make you sick again, because you have cells that immediately recognize it and produce the antibodies that destroy it. The immunity may last for years, sometimes for life.

Thanks to the lymphocytes, the immune system possesses a memory, or a sense of history. The lymphocytes manufacture antibodies (proteins circulating in the blood) that attack intruders.

The parts of the immune system is the lymphatic vessels which allows the white blood cells to get intruders, also in the areas of small intestine are the the tonsils and adenoids, thymus, spleen, lymph nodes, and appendix. there the mucous membranes which forms a wall against intruders and alerts the white blood cells.

When the immune system recognizes a nonself cell it releases white blood cells. white blood cells are specialized cells designed to fight off antigens(nonself cells). When the white blood cells are released they then fight off the nonself cells that previously invaded your body, leaving your body healthy

The immune system fights disease by recognizing self and nonself cells. A self cell is a cell that belongs to your body and a nonself cell is an antigen- a virus, bacterium, toxin or any kind of foreign tissue.

The immune system malfunction because it is built in fail safes and the system can be overwhelmed by viruses and bacteria. Also sometimes the system can go crazy, mistaking pollen.

To nurture your immune system you can do several things, but here are 5 simple steps you can incorporate into your daily routine. For starters, manage your stress and eat well.. Learn and practice relaxation techniques and favor fresh fruits and vegetables to processed foods. Second off, get plenty of sleep and exercise regularly. Make sure your asleep by 10:30 each night and make sure you are active for 30 minutes daily. Last off, get a massage. Massages stimulate your immune system, and also help you relax.

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