Immune System

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Human Anatomy

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Immune System


Function:The function of the immune system is to protect the body against dieases and bacterias using specialized cells, tissues, and organs.

Tonsils and Adenoids

These are you tonsils and your adenoids. These are your bodys first line of defense. They verify and test that bacteria and viruses that come through your nose and your mouth. Sometimes the bacteria is so much that they cannot handle it and this is when you see that your nose and mouth becomes infected.

Lymph Nodes

The Lymph nodes basically try to filter out harmful particles such as bacteria, viruses, and sometimes even cancer cells. Also, alot of B and T immune cells congragate around the Lymph Nodes.


Makes T immune cells during puberty. Its responsible for making most of those T cells during childhood while transfering into an adult.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow contain blood vessels in either red or a yelowish color. It is important to drink milk to give your bone marrow all of the nutrients that it needs to help the body fight dieasese.

B & T Immune Cells

Both B and T Immne cells are produced in the bone marrow. While B cells stay in the bone marrow, T cells eventually leave and move into the Thymus where they start their job in finding bacteria and viruses or even helping B cells create antibodies that fight the germs and bacteria. B and T cells are lymphocytes that do indeed help out the body by searching for unknown pathogens that somehow entered the bpdy.


Specific Response:Specific response is the third line of defense in the immune system. When the non-specific response cannot handle the body and everything keeps spreading, specific response kind of takes over its job. Non-Specific Response:Non-specific response is in front of specific response. It is the second line of defense in the immune system. During the non specific repsonse process, lymphocytes will engulf a foreign organism using enzymes in attempt the destroy the foreign particle.

Alymphocytosis (“boy in a bubble” disease): This is one scary immune disorder that leaves a child without an immune system. The people who have this disorder are in need of a bone-marrow transplant and are kept in a hospital (bubble) until that is done. The bone-marrow from the transplants giver has to match extremely well or the person receiving could die.

Allergic Response?When your immune system overreactes or cannot handle the unknown particle causing the issue, you are having an allergic reaction. Its causes by histamines that are released from specialized cells. An allergic reaction can be minor such as a sore, itchy throat or even as severe as your throat closing up and possibly death.

Vaccination: Vaccinations are when you get a weak type of a virus and your body develops antibodies that go and fight the virus. Immunity:Immunity is when your body has enough antibodies to take control of the virus and start to become complety immune to it.


Antigen-Antibody Reaction:When the antibody binds and sticks to the atnitgen, it sometimes detroys the bondage between the two when it goes and trys to eliminate foreign or unknown particles such as bacteria and/or viruses.


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