Immune Response, Vaccines, Antibodies

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Immune Response, Vaccines, Antibodies

Immune Response, Vaccines, and Antibodies

Immune Response, Vaccines, and Antibodies

Activity Tutorial

1st Line of Defense: Keep Out! Skin, mucous, cilia, skin oil, sweat, tears

2nd Line of Defense: Heat, Swell, and Kill! Fever--white mast cells and macrophages release chemical to cause body temperature to rise--interferons keep viruses from reproducing and white blood cells grow faster Inflammation--white mast cells and basophils release histamines--blood vessels walls thin to allow greater fluid movement in and out of surrounding tissues--white blood cells destroy pathogens Patrol--leukocytes, macrophages, phagocytes, natural killer cells, complement proteins

13 Minute Immune System

3rd Line of Defense: Attack Target! Memory cells that look for a specific antigen marker Lymphocytes--lymph system T cells--destroy infected body cells--phagocyte acquires antigen from eating pathogen--this activates T cell--binds and lyses infected cells--forms memory T cells--CELLULAR Immunity B cells--acquires antigen from pathogen--T cells activates B cell--B cell makes antibodies which destroy pathogens--phagocytes eat dead pathogens--Humoral Immunity

Escambia County, FL School District Immune System Study Page9 Khanacademy Videos: NonSpecific Immunity, Types of Immune Responses, B Cells, APCS and MHCS, Helper T Cells, Killer T Cells, Review of B Cells and T Cells, Inflammatory Response. and Public Health11 Sample Questions

Non Specific

Non Specific

Non Specific

Non Specific


ABPI Online Quiz

Vaccine Background



Specific Nnspecific

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Excellent Animation

B-Cell Memory

T-Cell Memory



B and T Cell




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Antibiotic Practice

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