Immigration to America

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Immigration to America

Immigration to America

VOCABULARYAlien- foreign; from another placeAnti-Semitism – hatred of Semitic people (Jews)Assimilation – mixing into the larger culture DIFFICULTIES with assimilation – don’t know the language, no money, no job skills, no family or friends, etc.Deport – to force an alien to return to his/her homelandEthnicity – group of people categorized by race, culture, nationality, etc.Famine – severe food shortage which can lead to starvationNativist – a person who is afraid of and hostile towards all foreigners (Often they’re afraid the foreigners will take their jobs, homes, etc.)Naturalization – the process of becoming a citizenPassport – proof of citizenshipPersecution – mistreatment of people because of their race, religion, or ethnicityPiecework – sewing work, paid by the number of pieces made Pogrom – an organized killing and/or robbery of Jews [Russian Czar & others organized]Quota System – limited the number of immigrants who were allowed to enter from each countryRefugee – someone who leaves his/her homeland because it is not safe thereSteerage – lowest decks of a ship – cheapest way to travel on a ship and the way many immigrants traveled to USSweatshop – illegally run factory with terrible working conditions that don’t follow any safety rules or workplace regulationsTenements – city apartment buildings where many immigrants first lived – often in bad condition and not safe

Video on waves, push and pulls, and difficulties

Concepts to knowImmigration Act of 1924 (Quota System) – no more than 2% of number of immigrants from 1890 would be allowed into the country – favored people from Northern Europe1882 Chinese Exclusion Act – stopped most Chinese immigrationKnow-Nothing Party - against Irish (who worked for lower pay) and Catholics (most Americans were Protestants)Workingmen’s Party -against the Chinese

Early Immigrationvs. Immigration Today

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