[2014] Kristen Murphy (CS30201Spr15): Immigration Around the World

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[2014] Kristen Murphy (CS30201Spr15): Immigration Around the World

Poem of Immigrationby: Pat Boran

Including orphans, nearly 8% of all new LPRs in 2011 were children with immediate relatives as current citizens in the US, and 33.2% of immigrants were under the age of 25.More than 550,000 LPRs in 2011 were women and more than 600,000 were married individuals.By 2026, it is predicted that the government will have a shortage of 20 million workers.

ImmigrationAround the World

Come inside and see where you might have come from! Make sure to have a family memeber help you!

This is the document I used to come to the U.S.A! See what other documents are used as well!

Then and Now

Heart of Immigration

What is true about Immigration?

What is Immigration all about?

Coming To America!


As of 2013, the Obama administration had removed nearly 2 million immigrants, the highest number under any president.The immigration process allows access to foreign nationals who have a close family relationship with a US citizen or LPR, have needed work skills, have refugee or asylee status, or are native of countries with low immigration rates to the US.Every year, more than half of new LPRs are current residents whose status is changed to permanent.


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