Immigration and the Early Development of Singapore

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Immigration and the Early Development of Singapore

The immigrants that came from China are the Hokkiens,Hainese,Teochews,Cantonese and Hakkas. The immigrants that came from India are the Tamils,Malayalees,Parsees,Sindhees and Punjabis.The immigrants that came from the Malay Archipelago are the Malays,Javanese,Boyanese and the Bugis.The immigrants that came from Europe are the Europeans.The immigrants that came from Ceylon,present day Sri Lanka,are the Tamils and the Sinhalese.The immigrants that came from Arabia are the Arabs and the immigrants that came from Penang and Melaka are the Straits-born Chinese known as Peranakan.

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The Chinese faced a population explosion in China. This caused the people to compete for resources. Natural Disaster like flood,earthquake etc. make people dare not live there.The Qing government is not powerful which cause civil war because they want to overthrow him.China also have war with other countries.The Malays faced a problem war.There is limited job opportunities,so they try working at other countries.Some people have their families working in Singapore,so they tried looking for them at Singapore.The Indians faced a population explosion which cause the lack of resources. There is limited job opportunities,so they decided to look for jobs oversea.India experience natural disaster usch as famine,drought etc. The British had made many products in factories.Because there is too much,they decided to sell them in Singapore.

Entrepot trade is when people import goods from a country and export that good to another place.Goods will be brougth to Singapore by traders from different parts of the world.They were kept in warehouses after arriving Singapore.They were made into smaller quantity.The goods will then be exported to other countries

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Push factors are conditions that force people to leave a place. Pull factors are conditions that attract people to come to a place.

Singapore has a free port status that allows traders to come or leave Singapore freely.Singapore was also a convinient place to travel to. This made the traders choose to come to Singapore because of it's location.There is peace and stability because Singapore don't experience threats such as natural disaster,war etc. There is also many job opportunities in Singapore. This make the traders like to work here as there is no restriction of jobs



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