[2015] Jonathan G (Mr. Hernandez): Immigration

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Social Studies
World Culture

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[2015] Jonathan G (Mr. Hernandez): Immigration


Grandfather's JourneyGrandfather's Journey is about a grandson talking a bout how his granfather migrated from Japan to America. Something that relates him to me is homesickness. When he moved to Japan he was very homesick. But when he moved back to Japan he wanted to go back to America. This same thing happened to me when I was on vacation at Califronia. At first I wanted to return to B.C.. But when I came back to B.C., I wanted to go back to California.

Where Pictures/Videos came from.Video: YoutubeImages: Glogster

What Immigration is:Immigrtion is when somebody born in one Country moves to another.

Countries that immigrate a lot and Countries where immigrants tend to go.

Words that describe Immigration.

Why People ImmigrateThere are many reasons why people immigrate. One of them is war. Many people immigrate to other Countries such as Canada and America to escape the war. Unfortunetly, many people die during the transaction and having no place to live in the new Country. Another reason why people migrate is because of poor economics. Sometimes a country can be so poor that the prices of anything goes way over the top. Once that happens nobody can afford to buy things and wil have to move to a Country with cheaper prices for their products. If this happens then the country with bad economics will lose many people and the countries taking in the refugess will become overcrowded.

My sister's immigration storyWhen my sister moved to Canada she did not know much english. When she was picked on a school, she could not tell the teacher. After a while her english started to improve. In highschool she earned the award for MVP in English, French and History.dd


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