[2015] sukhamni gill: Immigration

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Social Studies

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[2015] sukhamni gill: Immigration

Canada offers a wide range of opportunity's for newcomers:- Growing job market-Free health Care-Top education system-Buisness and Industry-Multiculturism-Democratic gov.-safe and secure-low crime rate

Qualifications needed are:-Age- 18 years-Permanent resident status-Language skills-Crimminal history-How well you know canada-Point structure-Education-Work experience etc.

Welcome to Canada

Immigrants are welcomed with open arms and there is little or no outward prejudice that one hears about in other countries. A new immigrant can apply for nationality after just three years' residence in the country. The canadian health care system is one of the best in the world.Provincially sponsored system with equality for all. The educational system is also recognizedas one of the best. Elementary and secondary education is free for all children. The cost of universiy education is very reasonable compared to many other western countries. Canada allows dual nationality. Many opportunities in the information technology sector for software professionals. Entitlement to government welfare benefits (in case of necessity), free medical facilities, free education, old age insurance, pension plans, unemployment insurance etc. Besides all this you will have improved living conditions, good weather conditions. In terms of standards of living, the United Nations has voted Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. The Canadian Government plans to admit over 200,000 immigrants each year.


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