Immigrant's Guide to the Colonies

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Immigrant's Guide to the Colonies

This is the settlement for you if you're a Quaker! Or not?! That's okay! Middle colonies were known to be tolerant!Established by Quaker William Penn for religious freedom when he was given the debt of land owed his father, Pennsylvania is among the most diverse of the colonies.Part of the colonial "bread-basket," Pennsylvania is known as good grain land!

New York

Immigrant's Guide to the Colonies



New England Colonies Established1620 - Massachusetts 1636 - Rhode Island Mid Colonies Established1681 - Pennsylvania 1664 - New York Southern Colonies Established1607 - Virginia1632 - Maryland

Originally named "New Netherlands" by the Dutch that had once claimed the lands, New York got its name from the Duke of York who took over.Now, this isn't the place for you if you're a sleazy politician (you know who you are). After the Zenger Case, which set a precedent-if a statement is true, it ISN'T libel!Also as a Middle Colony, good ol' NY has reasonable religious tolerance and is part of the colonial breadbasket letting grain farmers "reap" the benefits of this land.

Non-Puritans Beware!Settled by separatist Puritans, and by staunch traditionalist John Winthrop, Mass is not a place for the weak of faith! With practically no religious freedom here, the benefits are limited to great waterway access, and small-farm capabilities (and the occasional trade with the Native Wompanoags here).


Rhode Island

New England's very own rebel! Established by Roger Williams when he was booted out of Mass for differing beliefs-Rhode Island was established for religious freedom (and tolerance!) for all!With the seperation of church and state, and fair relations with the Natives, Rhode Island has the most of New England benefits! Despite slightly rocky terrain, RI has ocean-front property and small farm land.

Written by: Morgan Ragusa

Known (by myself) as the trouble colony. Virginia had a bit of a rough start. Started (successfully) by Captain John Smith, Virginia was established mainly for economic purposes-land!

Home of the first colonial legislature, this is where you want to be as a landowner! As a Southern colony, Virginia has fertile soil for your planting needs (especially tobacco)! You plan to have large farms, the Southern colonies are for you!


Established by George Calvert (AKA Lord Baltimore), Maryland was started for Catholic religious freedom. Maryland is the most religious tolerant of the Souther colonies and is completely Christian tolerant. Even though MD was established for Catholics, more Protestants settled here.


Very much like Virginia, since MD is a Southern colony, it's very farm-land capable with a temperate climate!



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