immigrants 1920

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immigrants 1920


In the 1920's there were already around 9 million of immigrants in the USA. They were mainly austria-hungarians, british and germans

The group below them were the Eastern European and Italian immigrants. The last group was black Americans and the Mexicans.

Immigrants were “divided in groups” that competed for the best jobs and best houses.

Irish Americans

French Canadians

German Americans

The Eastern Europeans were a group which USA was “afraid” of, in 1920’s racist attitudes were made worse by the fear of Communists because Eastern Europeans and Russians because they became mostly communist or anarchists after the russian revolution.

In the 1920’s also existed a group of people which were very racist, they were called “ The Ku Klux Klan” (KKK). This clan persecuted Jews, Catholics, foreign immigrant but they mostly attacked black people. This was not a little small group of people, by 1924 it had 4.500.000 million of members. they didn't like them they only went to their houses and killed them or burn the house with they inside

Many Americans associated black people to fear, danger or bad things, and because of that many people (which were not part of the KKK) supported them, ordinary people and important figures like ex President Wilson.



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