Imagine by John Lennon

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Imagine by John Lennon

This song is very touching and has a very very deep meaning ... This is my favourite song and I wanted to share it with you ! #sharethelove

Imagine there's no heavenIt's easy if you tryNo hell below usAbove us only sky

Imagine there's no countriesIt isn't hard to doNothing to kill or die forAnd no religion tooImagine all the peopleLiving life in peace...

Imagine By John Lennon

Religion used to be about setting samples on the most proficient method to be a decent individual, Now it is about how a religion is superior to another religion. If you reach a point where you don't question if you're good or bad . That point will be called peace .

Envision a spot where things that gap individuals (religion, belonging, and so forth.) did not exist. I feel that would be a vastly improved place to live in . .


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