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Language Arts

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If you want to be efficient with your time during this multistep project, please make sure you have all your resources before prewriting.

Welcome Hayes Hippies!

You need the following resources to begin your project. Some of the resources are available on the glog if you need them.Social Studies text and notesCharacter Graphic organizer (varies depending on character chosen)Timeline graphic organizerWriter's Workshop notebookPencil with eraseCopy of writing rubric

Prehistoric Indian graphic organizer

Time line graphic organizer


Fur trapper graphic organizer

Writing rubric

American Indian graphic organizer

The list on the right are all the items you are able to download off the glog. You will need to scroll to the bottom of the glog and click on the paperclip.

If you would like to see a copy of my prehistoric indian graphic organizer and timeline, please scroll to the bottom of the glog and click on the paperclip.

Listen to me read my finished product. Sometimes listening to a finished piece, will help you get started and finished in no time!

This glog will help you with the prewriting aspect of your Colorado History imaginative recount project.

Goldminer graphic organizer


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