Images of the Vietnam War

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Images of the Vietnam War

The Images of the Vietnam War

Soldier is preparing to fight enemy.

War is not just about fighting.

Soldiers cover their ears on top of a tank.

Woman of the war nursing the injured.

A fallen comrade.

Soldiers checking out a tunnel created by Vietnamese.

Passing the time by journaling.

Soldiers carrying their equipment through the mud.

Food does not look so good.

The frustration got to alot of the soldiers at war.

He praise for this war to be done with already.

They are ready for anything that comes their way.

Even soldiers thought warwas aweful.

A soldier keeps track of howlong he has been at war.

The war was very traumaticto alot of soldiers.

No man gets left behind.

Our soldiers struggle tokeep each other safe.

Helicopters come to rescue the soldiers.

They deserve every break they can get.


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