I'm With Cupid

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I'm With Cupid

Description:The author used a lot of descrition throughout the book. One part I remember was when Marcus and Lena first swapped powers. When she was describing it she used great words and phrases to give you the image of what was happening. She described it so well it felt like she could have lived it.

Point of View: The author showed the point of view of both Marcus and Lena. It was interesting to see the different thoughts each person had about the situation. It was especially interesting because they were so different. I think this really contributed to the book and helped the author get her point across.

Imagery: There were a few parts that really helped me understand things better when she used imagery. One thing that really helped was when she was describing Marcus as a match maker. She said, "Like cupid, but without a diaper." This really helps the readers understan what a matchmaker is because she is using such a world known name such as cupid.

I'm With CupidAnna StaniszewskiBy: Meagan Lefever7th Grade

Marcus and Lena are normal 13 year old kids. Wait did I mention they have supernatural powers. These two teenagers have a lot of preasure on their shoulders. Lena is a soul collector and Marcus is a match maker. Complete opposites right. Well when they go to Connie Reynolds party things didn't go as planned. When they were dared to kiss they never expected this. The ZING they felt wasn't the thrill of their first kiss--it was them swapping powers! Now logical Lena has loves touch and kindhearted Marcus has death at his fingertips. Lena and Marcus have to figure out how to swap their powers back before people find out. One little kiss has Lena and Marcus in a whole lot of trouble.


This Book Left Me Thinking... This book left me thinking that not everything will live up to your expectations (even if it's not swapping powers). Anything can go wrong. I think you need to have realistic expectations. Also if something doesn't go as planned don't get down. Still try and make the best out of the situation. Look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. I think this is what the author was trying to get across.


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