Im Rich!

by Tmataya28
Last updated 6 years ago

Language Arts

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Im Rich!

I’m Rich

The entire town heard him that dayWhen he screamed with joy“I’m rich I’m rich” they heard him sayHe was rich because of his luckso he went out and bought a new truck.

He won the largest amount everHe was the happiest man in the world for some timeHe could buy anything wheneverHe bought so much you wouldn’t believe your eyesIt all wouldn’t of happened without his prize

“I wish I was him.” one man would always say“I would do anything for it” “Pleaaase! Just for one day.”He heard of the man’s wish and thought “I wouldn’t mind.”The man kept telling him that he was so kind

So the man became known worldwideAnd he became more famousBecause of what he did he was filled with prideHis face brightened up with a smile “And that” He said “Was worthwhile.”



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