[2014] DENNIS POMAGER (Jardine 2014-15): Illegal Russian Tree Cutting May Be Killing Rare Tigers

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[2014] DENNIS POMAGER (Jardine 2014-15): Illegal Russian Tree Cutting May Be Killing Rare Tigers

I chose this article because I like tigers and other big cats.I also think it is wrong what the loggers are doing to the tigers."Environmental groups think that there are only about 450 Amur tigers left in the wild."

Article from Newsela

Illegal Russian tree cutting may be killing rare tigers.

Amur tiger - also known as a Siberian tiger, is a tiger subspecies in Russia.Mongolian oak tree - a medium to large tree with a rosy-red fall leaf color.Endangered - animals in danger of extinction.Environmental - anything related to the natural world and the impact of human activity on its condition.

-Loggers are cutting down Mongolian oak trees even though it is illegal.- The logging kills the food chain because small animals eat the Mongolian oak tree nuts and the tigers then eat those small animals.- The loggers are breaking the Lacey Act of 1900, which is a law meant to keep natural habitats safe.-The loggers are selling the wood they are cutting down illegally to the other countries.- When the U.S. buys wood from another country, we not only need to follow their laws, but we need to know where their wood came from and that it is not illegally cut wood.


Why I chose this

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The importance of sharing the information in this article with others is to buy hard wood certified by Forest Stewardship Council so you can save Amur tigers.


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