Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

From Mexico to The United States

Once you get out of your hometown and into a more urban setting, such as Nogales, things become easier. You can either pay someone to arrange your illegal crossing or hike by yourself or with family/friends.

Mexican citizens who plan on illegally crossing the border say goodbye to family and friends before they leave. They pack bring survival supplies such as food, water and matches. Usually, job plans are prepared and they plan to meet someone in the US. They also bring as much money as possible, in case they need to pay someone to arrange their illegal crossing.

In the desert, thousands die each year due to the deadly heat along the Mexican - American Border. Many die from thirst, starvation, hunger, or heat stroke. Also, during that time Border Patrol can capture and arrest you.

While nearing the Mexican border, The US Border Patrol borders Texas and Arizona, and will arrest you if you are caught. Usually, a Border Patrol Officer will arrest you and take you to a holding center, like seen in the video. There they will question criminal activity, get fingerprints and retinal scans, and come up with a plan. 99% of the time deported back to Mexico, most go back and try again, even if they are sent back to their hometown. The consequences are different if you had been living in the states for a longer time.

Living in the United States as an illegal immigrant is very difficlut for many reasons. Manily because most immigrants have nochoice but to take low paying jobs other wise they risk people finding out they are illegal immigrants. Another is traviling, if you have a family with chilidren you would have to drop them off at school then drop others off and then go to your work. After that you would have to pick them up too. To live in the United States as an illegal immigrant is a very difficult and stressful thing to do.



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