Illegal Drug Project II - Inhalants

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Illegal Drug Project II - Inhalants

A physiological affect is dealing with the body and the organs in it. Physiological Dependece is when the body has become accustomed to the chemical and needs it to function.A psychological affect is dealing with the brain and its different lobesPsychological Dependece is when the person comes fully dependent on the feeling from the substance.


Psychological AffectsFrontal Lobe: mood swings, violent behavior, impaired judgment, depression, euphoriaTemporal Lobe: memory loss, blackouts, slurred speachParietal Lobe: loss of sensations, numbness, distortion of timeOccipital Lobe: hallucinations, impaired vision, blindnessBrain Stem: starve the body of oxygen, increased and rapid heart beat, alters consciousnessCerebellum: lack of cordination, dizziness, depressed reflexes

Gases including medical anestheticcs such as chloroform or nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, could be considered inhalants. Other than that most inhalants are just mostly house hold items that are not found in the medical field.

Not everybody that uses inhalants get addicted to them. People who use inhalant more frequently report having a strong pull to keep using them. Using them over and over again can cause a slight withdrawl when you stop using them. The addictive component would be toluene. Toluene increases dopamine activity in reward areas of the brain, and the long-term affect can be addiction.

Most inhalants are just household objects such as ...-spray paints -glues -markers -vegetable oil-deodorant -gas -lysol -sharpies-nail polish -windex -white out -lighter fluid-fabric spray -whipped cream dispensers

Physiological Affects-damage to lungs -weakened immune system-damage to bone marrow-Sudden Sniffing Death Sydrome-rashes around nose and mouth-muscle weakness-Asphyxiation-nausea and vomiting-kidney problems-nosebleeds-glazed or watery eyes-extremely bad breath-choking (throat)-dilation of blood vessels-reduced muscle tone-increased heart rate-blood oxygen depletion



Medical Uses

Inhalants are not regulated under the Controlled Sustances Act, although 38 states in the United States have restrictions on the sale to minors of some products commonly used as inhalants. In other countries (not including the U.S.) have placed legal laws making sniffing an illegal offense.

Legal Ramifications

By: Meagan Weiss

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