I'll take that code to go, please

by Cybrarian
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I'll take that code to go, please

See an example Glogster page

Make a poster for your webpage with audio, video, text, and links......like the one you're looking at.

I'm Cybrarian, and I approved this speech bubble.

Make interactive games, timelines, diagrams, and more.

Create a presentation that's part slideshow, part podcast, part video, and all learning.

Make a search tool that finds results only in the websites you want your students to use.

Personalize images that snap, crackle, and pop.

Find teacher- and student-created videos for your classroom. Or make them and share them with the world.

Make an interactive map...zoom to places you want your students to explore. Toggle between map and satellite views.

All the tools on this page let you create something cool and then copy and paste it on your own website. If you don't have a class website, you can just link to the page!

I never know what you're talking about!

Sarcastic Teen explains HTML

<embed src="http: //www.teachertube.com/skin-p/mediaplayer.swf"

There are more teacher tools for your website on our wiki.


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