Ill Give You The Sun

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Ill Give You The Sun

What would you do if someone that you cared the most about in the world changed? What would you do if suddenly you were alone or surrounded by people who actually didn't know you at all?

This book chronicles the lives of two twins, Noah and Jude, at two different age points of their lives. Throughout this book, they face adversities including death, sexuality, and finding their passions in skills in many different aspects of their lives.

A story of sibling bonds


Noah Noah's story starts as him being a 13 year old trying to follow his dream of becoming an artist. He notices that he begins to struggle with his sexuality, but his only confidante, his sister Jude, blossoms into a popular girl who has no time for him anymore. After their mother dies, the roles reverse.


Jude Jude's side of the story comes from her as a 16 year old introvert who goes to the elite art school her brother didn't get in to. She believes her dead mother is ruining her art for revenge of jeopardizing Noah's chances of getting in. She gets mentored by a sculptor who helps her fight her demons through each display of art and she finds love along the way.

Noah and Jude find themselves brought back together after they struggle through both of them losing themselves. Jude saves Noah's life after he finds himself at rock bottom and they finally rehash their problems over the years.



I'll Give You the Sun

I'll Give You the Sun


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