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Honor- (v) To honor something is to prioritize it; (n) Honor is the reverence and respect someone has because of good and noble deeds-In the Iliad to fight is to prove one's honor and integrity-Achilles fights in battle because he believes it is honorable and it will give him a glorious reputation-Characters emerge as either worthy or despicable based on their bravery in battle-Paris (the one who started the war in the first place) refuses to fight so he is scorned-Hector honors family, the city of Troy, and his army men (the Trojans)-Hector feels as though he must fight Achilles or he will be dishonored". . . Polydamas will be first to heap disgrace on me. . . I would die of shame" -book 22-War is depicted as a glorious manner of settling disputes-Because Achilles' choice of a short life of power he is granted enternal glory -Achilles dishonors and humiliates Hector by mutilating his body and refusing to let the people of Troy give Hector a proper burial". . . now he was bent on outrage, on shaming noble Hector. . . he knotted strips of rawhide through them both, lashed them to his chariot. . . a thick cloud of dust rose up from the man they dragged. . . Zeus had given him over to his enemiesno to be defiled in the land of his own fathers" -book 22


The Iliad

-The poem dicusses the fragility of human life, stating that mortals should live their lives as noble as possible so they will be remembered well*If their bodies cannot remain, their words and deeds can-In the Iliad it shows the ancient Greeks had a grim outlook on death*Everyone has a sealed fate, and you cannot escape the underworld.-Texts explain that all of Priam's (the King of Troy's) children are destined to die, and at the end of the epic, all of his children are dead with the last killed being Hector"I fathered hero sons in the wide realm of Troy and now not a single one is left"-book 24-Death is very ceremonious with extravagent funerals and feasts "But when the tenth Dawn brought light. . . they carried gallant Hector forth. . . placed his corpse aloft the pyre's crest, flung a torch and set it aflame. . . they placed the bones they found in a golden chest. . . they shared a splendid funeral feast in Hector's honor"-book 24

Life ' Death

-Rage is the main theme throughout the entire epic and focuses primarily on Achilles' rage-The Iliad begins by emphasising the rage of Achilles"Rage- goddess, sing the rage of peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the achaeans' countless losses" -book 1-He uses this rage as his motivation in fighting-Rage is what invokes Achilles to kill Hector for Patroclus' death"Clad in his divine armour, Achilles re-enters the war to avenge Patroclus' death. He kills every Trojan in his path"-book 22-Achilles rage consistently prevents him from any negotiatoins and integrity-The gods and the achaeans become irritated with Achilles never ending rage-Achilles rage is what eventually casues his downfall



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