Iliad book 17!

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Iliad book 17!

Hector stripped the armor of Patroclos and ran away with it.

A fight breaks out over Patroclos's body. Euphorbos tries to strip him of Achilles armor, but is killed by Menelaos. Hector comes to help when he sees the dead Europhobos. Menelaos was not able to take the body since the Trojans were coming to fight him. Menelaos then runs away and leave the body of Patroclos. Hector takes Achilles armor and promises half the war spoil to any Trojan who drags Patroclos's body away.Aware of Hector's impending doom, Zeus temporarily gives him great power. Menelaos calls for more Achaeans to help him and then they force the Trojans up against the city wall.

The Iliad: Book XVII

Achaens and Trojans getting ready for battle, like the fight over the body of dead Patroclos.

A theme in the Iliad is that at the end of the day, your fate is your destiny. You cannot override fate and what is meant to be.

The body of Patroclos being fought over.

On the front of this book, there are soldiers marching, which is similar to what the fight over Patroclos looked like.

We chose this song, because it sounds a lot like a war song and people fighting, and that's exactly what people were doing over Patroclos' body!

We chose this sound, because it's people arguing, just like they argued over his body!

By: Kristen & Lindsay



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