Ilegal Immigration

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Ilegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

What are the consequences of illegal immigration?

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Dangers: Solutions Wounded: Have clinics to help the wounded.Getting Caught:Instead of sending the immigrants to jail, send them to a special facility until they could be taken home safely.Kidnapped:There could be patrol men to look for the missing people.


1. Patrol Men2. Boarder/Fences3. Shortage of Supplies

1. Disease/Injury2. Getting Caught3. Kidnapped

Obstacles: SolutionsPatrol Men: Having a safer booking process so those who encounter them will be safe even though being caught.Boarder/Fences:Find a safer way to get across with out being harmed.Shortage of Supplies:There could be supplies stations to help the people when traveling.

As a group we believe illegal imagration has many dangers and obsticals that have to be overcome or delt with that put the immagrants at a huge risk as well as the Americans. So providing them with the right supplies they need would be ideal for the situation. But we feel that illegal immagration also hurts our economy and everything that Americans have worked for. Overall we feel that even though it is illegal, people are still going to try to make a better life for themselves by coming to the U.S. We feel that instead of sending them back across the boarder we should try to provide a second option for them. Another option that could be givien to the immagrants is if a privatley owen operation with goverment support "file" those who come across the boarded so they can be helped as well as charged with crimes if needed. This increases the safety of both sides as natural born citizes, naturalized citezens, and immagrantes.


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