Ile de France

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Ile de France

Have you ever seen gothical architecture? Want to see the best in the world? Then go to Ile de france, there you will see the best in the world. The video above you will see the Notre Dame Cathedral located in Ile de France.

Geographical facts Imagine walking throught the streets of paris the city of love in the afternoon, while seeing the happy couples in love and the young children playing in the streets. If you go to Ile de france you will get all of these because its capital is Paris and the population there is 11 million so you will always see and meet new people.

Ile de FranceIsland of France

This is a friendly town in Ile de France that you could visit!

Another landmark of Ile de France is the Eiffel Tower

Some of the deliciouse breads that you might see in Ile de France

Disneyland Paris is the biggest and most known amusment park in europe. It is good for all ages because it has an extensive range of rides for childern and adults. It is located 30 km from paris so you could go there for a day and be back to the city that same night. It is the most visited site in Ile de france (apart from paris).

- Ile de france has many delicious foods. Some regional foods include Brie de Meaux and baggettes.- Food lovers will love ile de france. Some of its regional products areRegional products are cheese, wine and mushrooms.

Ile de France has many famouse people that you could meet on the streets. Such as actor louis de funes (left). And musician David Guetta (right)

This is the region's flag

Disneyland Paris

Image of the landscape

French map with Ile de france coloured


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