II Form Exquisite Corpse

by vdilorenzo
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II Form Exquisite Corpse

The sticky bird flew very near to awesome me.Loud feet move quick and clunky through huge NYC.Bloom orchard spring up once they feel the hot sun.Fluffy puppy jumps cutely in the giant cage.A fat buffalo slaps a twitchy duckling.Green frog hops on blue water.A slimy snail moves tiredly across the burning desert.Fast hockey jolts slow hockey player.Smelly cheese roasting lightly on a sizzling fire.My annoying brother kicked me in stupid Manhatten, NY.The slick fish swims fast in a billowing ocean sea.Bright tree shines in the beautiful light.

II Formers'"Exquisite Corpse" Poetry(This "game" came out of Parisian Surrealism)



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