[2015] heaven schumacher: Iggy Azalea

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[2015] heaven schumacher: Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

Iggy wrote 30 songs she became popular in 2011 and rich in 2012 and still is.

Iggy went to school in Syndny Ausralia. She dropped out of highschool.She went back and finished high school and collage. She beacame a student teacher and tought 2 classes .

Iggy changed the world by makeing Taylor Swift not so popular. Makeing songs and being the best girl rapper and first one in collage.

Iggy is the oldest in her familey.She has three little brothers.Her moms name is Tanya Kelly and herdads name is Brendan Kelly. Her parents got divorsed after 3 figts. She moved to California with her mom and her dad moved to Iowa.Iggy is good at rapping and singing she was also good at playing the gutair when she was little. She got into dancing she got into danceing lessons when she was 11 and is good at danceing she lived in a big house when she was little.

Iggy's songs are

2011- Trouble2012- Bounce 2013- Black widow2014- Fancy2015- Pretty GirlsShe has alot more songs then just thisi

Interresting Facts:Iggy's real name is Amethest Kelly. She was born a boy named Cody Kelly. She has bin fancy her whole life.She was the oldest in her family. She has 3 little brothersshe was going to be a teacher but she ended up being a rapper and model.

Born:Iggy was born in Sydney Australia in 1994



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