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How it WorksA large fan at the top of the wind tube where you fly pulls air upward. This air is very strong keeping you up from the bottom. the power of the fan is controlled by someone on the side and will be changed depending on you weight. If you are light the fan needs to be less powerful, when your heavy fan has to be stronger.

Proper Position When FlyingTo fly and not hit the bottom you have to have the proper position. Arms have to be on a 90 degree angle, ear height and knee width apart. Legs have to be beetween bent and straight. Stomach has to be pointed out. When go forward straighten your legs to go backwards bend you legs alot. Instructors use signs to direct you in the chamber. Some signeals include straighten you legs, smile and arms straight.

CompetitionsJust like skydving indoor skydiving also has competitions most competitions are how well you form formations or the cool tricks you pull off while flying.

Indoor Skydiving

Cool FactDid you know the winds in the chamber can reach up to 230 miles and hour. Know thats fast.


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