Ife-Ife and Benin

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Ife-Ife and Benin

This is the flag of Nigeria. Nigeria is the home of both Ife-Ife and Benin

Facts (Benin) - The City of Benin dates back to 1200s - Leaders in Benin would be called oba-Workers in Benin mine copper iron & Gold-By the 1500s, Benin reached it's greatest strength and size.- The city of Benin ruled the trade routes along the river-Benin ruled much of present-day Nigieria-Benin remained strong until the late 1600s, when the kingdom began to lose it's power over the region.

Facts (Ife-Ife)-About A.D. 1000, Ife-Ife became a major cultural and trading center.-The power ful leaders were called onis-Traditional stories told by these people described Ife-Ife as "the place where the world was created" but historians know little about the early city or the people who lived there.-One of the reasons we know little about Ife-Ife is that the modern city Ife is located on top of it. Also, the region is thickly forested and damp-Among the most inportant artifacts thet have survived are sculptures. Many were discovered in the last 100 years.Scientists have dated these works of art to the years between 1100s and 1300s.


and Benin

Benin Flag

Ife-Ife Flag

Benin Artists would make bronze plaques, for the royal palaces of the obas.

Location of Ife-Ife and Benin


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