If we look after the environment, could we save our planet?

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Environmental Studies

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If we look after the environment, could we save our planet?

If we look after the environment, could we save our planet?

Will the environment change the future? That is a question that a lot of people ask each day. With the current climate change and the extinction of some species of animals and plants, people are starting to take care of the environment.

We can’t determine if the future of the planet will be worse or better, but there are some things that won’t change. We will still be living in this planet (if we don’t destroy it); there are several facts that say that people are starting to have some conscience to look after the planet, maybe we could save the planet. But not all the people will have this conscience and other thing that is a similarity between the present and the future is that people will still be contaminating.

Life as we know it could change drastically and very fast if we don’t start taking care of the environment. The environment is our key to saving this planet. To survive for 1 day we need to give food, to survive for years we need to grow plant, to survive for centuries we need to educate. So… why don’t you start looking for the planet! Your sons will say thank you for bringing them a happy future.

As the majority of people don’t take some conscience about the environment; forests will probably disappear, according to predictions will be flood and a lot of species will be in danger of extinction; if people enjoys how the world is and don’t want to change something into it they should change their conscience to made a better world. There will be so much health problems and we won’t have enough food to feed all the people on the Earth.

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