If I Stay

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If I Stay

If I Stay

Mia Hall has always felt different from the rest of her family. While her entire family are rock fanatics, Mia adores classical music and has a passion for playing the cello.

"Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you." -Gayle Forman

Mia's passion for the cello catches the eye and ear of Adam, the lead guitarist in a rock band and her complete opposite. Mia and Adam fall quickly for each other. However nothing is perfect and when Adam gets an opportunity to persue his career, the couple begin to have more issues. Mia must rely on her family to keep her mind off of Adam while he is on tour with his band.

An anticipated, fun-filled snow day turns into the worst day of Mia's life, and possibly the last. Mia and her family are invloved in a tragic accident where they are all rushed to the hospital. Mia falls into a coma and has an out of body experience. She learns that if she wakes up, she will be an orphan. Mia reflects on her life and has to choose whether she wants to live for her love Adam or leave everyone else behind to be with her family in heaven.

By Gayle Forman


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