If I Stay

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If I Stay

Relationship1. Hard times 2.Fustration 3.Love/Loyalty* 4.Anger5.Happy 6.Panic*7.Excitement 8.Trust9.Comitted*10.Difficult

Themes1. When you think everything is as bad as it could possibly get, you still need to push through and stay strong..2. When you think there is no one left, no family, no friends, and you just want to give up becuase there is no reason to keep trying, you still have to push through and fight becuse there are people who love and care about uou.

If I Stay By: Gayle Forman

PanicWhen Mia gets into an acendent Adam is scared half to death of losing Mia.Quotation #3: ```I'm still here and I'm still crazy in love with you, you're my whole. wrold Mia please....stay```(240)~In this quote Adam is sitting by Mia's hospital bed praying that she is going to fight this as much as she can to stay alive..... Mia wants to stay alive and wants to be with Adam, but she asks herself, is it really worth it?

Committment When Mia tells Adam about her scholarship to Juliard, he knows it's going to be hard being hundreds of miles away and with his band always going on the road, they dont get to see each other that much, but they are committed enough to stay together and work it out despite how hard it might be,Quotation #1: ```You're my home, Mia I don't care where we are, just as long as we're together``` (208) ~In this quote Adam is saying that even though they may not be in the same place at the same time 24/7, as long as they are together it will be okay.

Love and LoyaltyAdam and Mia show their love and loyalty for each other by always having each others back and accepting each other the why they are. Quotation #2: ```Then you, you are now is the same you I was in love with yesterday and the same you I'll be in love with tomorrow```(98) ~In this quote Mia was trying to change her appearance to be more like Adam's friend in hopes that Adam would like her more.... Adam explans to her that he likes her the way she is and she doesn't need to change herself for him to like her.

Summary Mia has everything she could ever want, a loving family, a boyfriend, an amazing best friend and an amazing career ahead of her in music, yet all of that changes suddenly when Mia and her family get into a car accident and Mia is rushed to the ICU...... Mia is caught between life and death and watches as her family and friends come in and out of her hospital room. Soon, Mia realizes that she must make the hardest decision of her life. Fight to stay alive, or give up and die.


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