If I Stay

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If I Stay

BOOK: "If I Stay"By: Gayle Forman



The theme of the book was letting the readers know that even when everything in life seems okay, things can change in a instant. In the book Mia says "Isnt it amazing how life is one thing and in an instant it becomes something else.?" Mia can relate to this in many ways from the accident to breaking up with Adam. I can relate to this and probaly so can everyone else. I picked this quote because it makes sense about how life is taken for granted and how you should cherish every moment. But even when things get turned upside down you should still find a way to keep the hope and stay strong.


Theres two main charcters in the book named Adam and Mia. Mia's parents, little brother, her bestfriend and grandparents are also in the book, Adam's band is as well.

The book takes place in Portland Oregon, hometown of both Mia and Adam.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a fictional love story with drama. It catches your attention in the first couple pages. It really gives the reader an emotional connection to the story that everyone can relate to.



In Book, "If I Stay" by Gayle Forman, a girl named Mia falls in love with a boy named Adam. Both Adam and Mia are musicians, Adam is in a band and Mia is a cellist who is auditioning for the Julliard School of Music Program. Adam hates that she is moving across the country away from him so he decides that it is best for both of them if he leaves Mia. Mia is devestated but she is determined to continue her auditon process to follow her dreams of becoming a famous musician. Mia and her family decide to visit their grandparents house for a day and on their way they get into a bad car accident. Mia is in a coma but her spirit is alive and well and can see and hear everything going on around her. Even though her and Adam are no longer together, he still comes to see her because he is worried. Adam wrote a song for Mia and came to her one day while she was in the coma and sang it to he. He also reads her the letter from Julliard determining her acceptance. Adam also expresses his feelings about Mia, saying how she can't go because he cant go on without her. Suddenly Mia Wakes up...


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