[2015] Tiffany Oladele (Mirabelli): If I Stay

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[2015] Tiffany Oladele (Mirabelli): If I Stay

By Gayle Foreman

if i stay

Problem:Mia gets into a car accident during a blizzard with her family. While she is in a coma, she is watching over her family and her body. But, has to choose if she wants to stay in the world or go to heaven.

Characters: Mia Hall- 17 years old, likes to play the cello and is the odd one out of her family.Adam Wilde- Mia's Boyfriend who is in a rock band, Shooting StarsKat Hall- Mia's mother who is very trustworthy and is always by her side.Denny Hall- Mia's dad, Engish Teacher, did all he can to buy her first Cello, and used to be in a rock band.

Setting: ~ Mia's House~ The Hospital~ The Shed~ Opera House/ Theater

Three Major Events:1. Mia gets into a bad car accident that led to her parents and little brother dying and her in a coma.2. She wants to do really good on her audition for for Julliard.3. Mia must choose if she wants to stay in the world and keep living her life or got to heaven with her family.

Ending:When Mia decides to leave the world something stops her. While in a coma, her boyfriend plays classical cello music for her through headphones. Mia walks back to her body and makes the choice to stay, even though when she awakes she is going to be a foster child with nobody else but her grandparents, boyfriend, and best friend.


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