If I Should Speak, Exposition

by Malik97
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If I Should Speak, Exposition

Tamika's World EXPOSED!!!

...Well, almost exposed. Our evidence seems to have been broken, so our information seems scattered...

Though Mandy thinks the fault of the dispute goes to Tamika, we saw the entire situation, and it was not Tamika but Jennifer who was the antagonist! Tamika remains the innocent protagonist. Jennifer was the one who had resorted to physical violence, while Tamika was defending herself. Jennifer's gone NUTS!!!

As Tamika moves on and forgets about the incident with Jennifer, a new issue opens up. Tamika finds herself in a situation she had never expected! She discovers her roommates are Muslim, and researches about Islam. She ends up finding herself in conflict with her very own conscience! One side of her is telling her to accept Islam, while the other denies it! In this case, Tamika plays the role of antagonist AND protagonist!

From the brawl to the confusion, this drama all occurs in an ordinary College University in Georgia, at around the present time period!

Media decieves ALL!!!

Tamika is known to be outgoing and has a firm personality, she has an agressive body but inside of it is a serene heart. Aminah is known to be a practicing Muslim with not such an agressive body but also with a soft, kind heart. Though Aminah's appearance may gav ethe impression that she is quiet soft spoken, she is actually just the opposite; outspoken and strong minded. She and Dee are working together to place Tamika on the right path, the path of Allah. Dee is known to be optimistic and positive, always looking toward the good side of things and forgetting there was even a bad side. She usually follows this quote, "When one door of happiness opens, another closes, but we are looking at the closed one so much, that we forget the one that has opened for us." This quote means so much to Dee she is always applying it to her daily life routines.


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