If I Stay

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If I Stay

You shouldread this(:

I rate this book 4 1/2 stars because it had much detail and I can easily picture the story in my head. The reson i didn"t give IF I STAY five stars is because the climax came around page 25 in the book. I wish I could havelearned more before the climax arrived . I really liked the flash backs in the story, it gave me more backround information and it it gave the story just a littlemore to love about it. I belive Gayle Forman is agreat writer, and this is one of her best books.

if i stay


SettingMia Hall and her family live in oregon. This is where mia and her family are, until the Hall ends up crashing on the side of the road. After the crash she is taken to a local hospital, but is then flown in a helicopter to Portland hospital.

SummaryIf i stay starts out with Mia Hall an her family at breakfast and school calls for cancellations, due to snow, Mia an her family go on a car ride but they crash on the side of the road due to A truck and ice. Mia wakes up to realise she is a ghost Mia follows her self through her own journy through a coma. There are flashbacks from her past with her friends, family, and her boyfriend Adam Wilde. Its a wonderful book you don't want to miss out on!

CharactersMia Hall is first peron I think of when I here the story. Mia plays the chello, and loves listening to classical music Mia loses her family in a car crash, and shes the only one to survive. Adam Wilde is Mias boyfiend. he is in a band, but loves mia to death.

Themethe theme of this story is keep people you love close, because you never know what could happen to them. I know this because mia and her family weren't as close as other familys, and once Mia lost them, she felt alone. Adam also was scared to lose mia when she was in a coma, and he was begging her to stay.

conflictThe conflict of If I Stay is Mia Hall is in a coma of a recent car crash with her family, and is the only one who is alive. She is in ghost form, and watches her slef through her whole journy. she can't decide if she should stay, and live with her grandparents or go up to hevan with her mom, dad, and her brother Teddy.



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